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Why get an evaluation?

Save On Ad Spend

Studies show that 98% of small businesses running their own Google Ad campaigns have significant wasted ad spend. Are you maximizing your budget or throwing your money away? Let our trained staff of Certified Google Partners take a look!

Increase Your Conversion Volume

If you’re not receiving the sales and leads you were hoping for, we can recommend ways to reduce your wasted spend and dedicate more of your budget to what’s working for you, thus increasing your conversion volume.

Decrease Your Cost Per Conversion

If your leads or sales are costing too much and you have a negative ROI, we can look for ways to reduce your cost per conversion through artificial intelligence, machine learning and specific account optimizations for your industry. 

Find Out If Your Ads Are Competitive

Are you spending relatively in line with what your competitors are spending? Is your quality score too low? We can help you improve your impression share and average positions to match your competitors for better exposure on the Google network.

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